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For those who do not know me, I am half Mexican and half German but chilanga at heart.


I studied Communication Sciences, Journalism and Languages ​​(English, German, French and Italian), and I have worked in different media.


I currently work for Illuminating Magic as a content generator and graphic and audiovisual arts designer. We mainly focus on video mapping for all types of surfaces.

My desire to know the world led me to live in countries like the United States, Germany, Spain and, of course, the best, Mexico; Each place has left its mark on my life, it has taught me and it has made me grow in every area of ​​its being. One of the experiences that have marked me the most was working for Walt Disney World, where I learned to never stop believing in dreams and the magic of the moments that make up life.

I love the colors and the design; art and history; freedom and adventure; the languages ​​and the challenges of living in a new place with a different language and culture.

My family and a bit of madness, the kind that doesn't hurt anyone, are the ones that make me get up every day to go on and fight for each dream.

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