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Graphic arts

Design, photography, arts and languages ​​have always fascinated me. On the one hand I love to appreciate art, especially from the s. XVIII and XIX. I had the great fortune to carry out a project with my favorite museum, the National Museum of Art of Mexico, where I designed their informative brochures and translated them into English, German and French. In this museum, works of great Mexican artists are exhibited that do not ask anything of the Europeans of that time such as José María Velasco, Juan Cordero, Leandro Izaguirre, Luis Coto and Miguel Cabrera; however, few know them. These brochures show plans of the museum, information on works and artists and an explanation of this architectural gem.

Also, I have had the fortune of having the support and confidence to carry out many projects, including designing the menus of one of the restaurants on the Celebrity Cruises ships; same where we also do video mapping on the tables. When you have a chance, go on a Celebrity Cruises cruise to see our work and delight in our beloved Petit Chef.

Also, as you can see in this other example, I have done several BTL advertising jobs for different companies.

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