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Personally, I am fascinated by capturing images of moments or places that left their mark on me or where I lived some unique experience. Since I was little I felt an impulse within me that encouraged me to go out and see new places, I did not care if it was the state next to my city or a country on the other side of the world; of course I started with the first and as soon as I had the opportunity I went to visit more distant places.


Currently, thanks to my work and studies I have had the opportunity to visit many places on the globe. More than on planes, I have known places by ships, since we have worked on a project for a cruise line . Of course, every time we have a chance Jason and I go for a walk.

In this section, more than telling about the places or the photographs, I will let you see them, because to write and expand I will use the blog, where I will also love to be read.

Oh and please leave your comments!

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